exclusive wedding photography for

intimate and small weddings


I love small weddings and family portraits

A marriage of 1, 2, 3 or 5 hours is not a minor shooting. It is just a shorter and intimate marriage. That is why I will devote all my professionalism and attention to you and I will always be there with you. The same applies to family or couple photo shoots.



I have been photographing for 20 years and have travelled extensively for wedding photo shoots. This has given me the opportunity and honour to get to know and approach different traditions and cultures. This has allowed me to grow a lot as a photographer and as a person. And what I have understood from all these important experiences is that a photo shoot does not just stop an important day, but becomes a memory. Memory for the new family that is born, memory for two different families that come together, memory for all those who participate in the event.


I am so excited to capture your upcoming memories. Please check the faq page or write me directly if you would love have more informations and discover my avaialbility for your day!

meet Barbara


I was born in Venice and have been photographing for 20 years. I specialise in photojournalism, portraits and wedding photography and I have published my photos in major newspapers and magazines worldwide. In 2013, AGWPJA listed me among the top 15 wedding photographers in the world and, in 2015, WPS among the top 20 wedding photographers in the world. I love my job, which is first and foremost a passion. I love people, getting to know their stories, listening to them and telling them through my photos.

My best